Since 1978
The Company


The company P.KOKKINIS LTD specializes in the field of piping works for ships and factories (construction-modifications-repairs) since 1978.
Following technological advancements and aiming for continuous development, the company initially based in Piraeus soon relocated to its own state-of-the-art facilities spanning 1200 sq.m. Today, taking another step towards the future, it is in the process of constructing a new and improved industrial unit within the Schisto Industrial Park. The new building facilities, covering a total area of 3,400 sq.m., will serve as the foundation for further enhancement of services and technology.
ISO 9002-2000 certification ensures comprehensive quality assurance for production and technical support, underscoring our commitment to customer satisfaction.
Our company prides itself on delivering high-quality and specialized services, facilitated by our expertly trained personnel. Our scientific team, responsible supervisors, and technical staff—all certified with degrees and approvals from the competent Maritime Authority—constitute a synergistic group that continuously evolves and renews itself, dedicated to providing impeccable service to our clientele.
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Ideal Solutions for Factories & Ships!

Construction of Piping Networks
Repair of Piping Networks
Upgrades and Reconstructions of Ship and Factory Piping